Welcome to Eric Morse Kite Wing Videos featuring fast paced Snowkite and Kitewing sailing on New Hampshire Lakes with the Squambats. Visit the links below for more information on Kitewing and the Squambats. Wings and Kites are a great way to ski frozen lakes, no lift ticket required!


03-18-24 Lake Umbagog F-One Halo 10m kites
01-23-24 Lake Winnipesaukee 4.6 Kitewing
01-21-24 Moore Reservoir Kite Skiing Chrono 15m


03-18-23 Squam Kite Skiing F-One Halo 8m

03-09-23 Squam Kite Skiing F-One Halo 8m


04-05-22 Umbagog Kite Skiing F-One Halo 12m
04-2-22 Squam Kitewing 4.6
03-21-22 Squam Kitewing 4.0
02-28-22 Kite Ski Winnipesaukee Halo 8m
02-26-22 Squam Kite Ski Halo 12m
01-30-22 Moore Reservoir F-One Halo 12m
01-18-22 Squam Kitewing 4.0


03-31-21 Lake Umbagog Kite Skiing F-One Halo 12m & 8m
03-27-21 Squam kite ski F-One Halo 8m & 12m
03-20-21 Kite skiing corn snow on Lake Winnipesaukee
01-30-21 Black ice Kitewing 4.6 tour on Lake Winnipesaukee
01-24-21 The Squambats Kitewing on Lake Wentworth in big wind! Kitewing 4.0
01-23-21 Squam Lake on the new carbon fiber 4.0 Kitewing


April 17, 2020 Umbagog Lake
Another best year ever snowkite and wing sailing on New Hampshire lakes. #fonekites #kitewing #squambats
Snowkiting on Squam Lake with F-One 12m Halo and 11m Diablo kites #fonekites
Snow Kiting on Lake Winnipesaukee with F-One 8m Halo, 8m Diablo and 12m Halo
Lake Winnipesaukee Kitewing sailing with 6.0 Pro and 7.0 Powerfoil, and F-One Diablo kite
Kitewing sailing on WingBlades in Lake Winnipesaukee, NH
Powder day on Lake Wentworth on 7.0 Kitewing




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