Squambats Kitewing 7.0 Powerfoil

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Another great day of Kitewing Skiing on soft packed powder on Squam Lake with the Squambats.  The wind was constantly changing direction from north to northwest to west to southwest and each time it changed a new river of wind would appear somewhere on the lake.  You have to be careful not to out sail the wind by watching the blowing snow and tacking when the wind is favorable.  The big gusts gave us plenty of power to jump with the big wing and get lots of hang time!  So much fun to float in the air and then come down to a soft pillow of powder.


GoPro video by Eric Morse.

Music: “Winnebago” by Tricky Britches.

Another Best Day Ever!

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Amazing day of Kitewing skiing on Lake Winnipesaukee on March 3, 2018 with Martin, Rudy, Pat, Greg, Laura, Rick and Ted. The new 4.6 Kitewing was fast in the steady northeast wind on long tacks from Steamboat Island to Rattlesnake Island and all the way to Wolfeboro Bay for 113 miles of cruising on spring corn snow conditions. The 4.6 is an apparent wind machine; once you get going in a gust you keep going fast through the light air for miles. If you stop and you think you are fully powered, so it should be easy to get going again, well think again because that wind was mostly apparent. The high aspect sail was cruising faster than the 5.5 Kitewings all day in the 15-25 mph wind. A full 8 hours of sailing, from 10 am to 6 pm. Oh my, another best day ever! E.M.D. (Eat My Dust) by Hot Flannel

Kitewing Squam Tour 01.25.18

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Great day for a Kitewing Tour on Squam Lake with Martin Kimbell and Pat Furr.  I sailed the new 4 Point 6 Kitewing and love the way it gybes on reaches and tacks upwind.  I toured 70.6 miles in 5 hours with a max speed of 46.3 mph.  Martin and I had a great series of gybes going down wind along Great Island and came back up wind on the east side of the island.  The 4.6 climbed upwind like a knife’s edge cutting through the wind.

Best Day Ever, Again

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Kitewing Sailing on Lake Winnipesaukee with Martin, Rudy, and Tod.  We launched from Ellacoya State Park and sailed around Welch Island into the Broads to Cow Island and over to Gilford Bay.  The ice was very smooth after the heavy rain on Friday and the wind was howling as we sailed our 3.0, 4.0 and 4.6 Kitewings.  Incredible conditions made for a super fun tour around the big lake.  Another one of the best days ever, again.  Long Day by Tricky Britches.  GoPro video by Eric Morse.

Kitewing Squam 1-29-17

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Beautiful day Kitewing skiing on Squam Lake at Yard Islands.  GoPro photos by Eric Morse