Landscape Photography is an expression of my connection with the natural world, which developed through childhood outings on Squam Lake and in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Outdoor experiences such as hiking, skiing and kayaking fill my spirit with the beauty of Nature. Seeing the patterns of ripples on the water or the texture of leaves quaking in a gentle breeze develops a visual connection with the natural world. I am inspired by these Nature experiences and by the beauty of the wilderness.

Throughout my 25-years of photographic study I have looked for compositions which reveal an intimate awareness of the natural world. I visualize the photographic image before looking through my camera and then manipulate depth of field, motion, and precise exposures to create photographs that transcend reality. My photographic style is influenced by the great Impressionist painters, such as Claude Monet, Auguste Renoir, and Vincent Van Gogh, and by contemporary landscape photographers such as Ansel Adams, Christopher Burkett, and Joseph Holmes.

I take most of my photographs under diffused light, on bright cloudy days, or near sunrise or sunset. I typically hike a couple miles into the woods or mountains to find my compositions and to get acclimated to the rhythms and harmony of nature. I look for interesting textures in the foreground and match it with a colorful and dramatic background. A strong depth of field gives the viewer the feeling that they are looking at the nature scene, as if they could climb through the frame into the picture. My unique compositions give the viewer a sense of wonder for the beauty of Nature.

I use a Pentax 645 camera with 120 transparency film (medium format) and three lenses, 75 mm, 120 mm macro and 200 mm. Most of my photographs are taken on a tripod at slow exposures (F22 @ 1/8 second or slower) which maximizes the depth of field and captures motion. I use a 1° spot meter to measure the contrast and to find the correct exposure. I primarily use Fuji Velvia film, which renders colors well with minimal grain. I also use a 4 x 5 large format press camera with a 6 x 7 mm roll film adapter, and a Nikon D4000 Digital Camera for portraits, sports or advertising, and a GoPro Hero5 for fun while catamaran sailing, kayaking, skiing or kitewing sailing.